About Us

Zero return is a Sister Concern of Odheek Bangladesh. The Idea of Zero Return Came from the Regular operation obstacles of Odheek.

E-Commerce is one of the most growing Sector in Development Country like Bangladesh. The Opportunity is really huge. But in our Country it’s in the Kids Section Now. The way we treat it the same way it will grow up. Thousands of online Sellers are introducing themselves every months.

Most important negative side of Online Shopping is Fake Order. It’s not like this Fake Communities or fraudulent are happening from Seller Side only, It’s happening from the customers side also. This Number is dangerously increasing day by day which is effecting whole E-Commerce Sector.

Zero Return is the Community Platform for all the Online Sellers in Bangladesh. Where Sellers and their Respected Customers can share their Online Shopping Experience. Each and every Data will be verified by Zero Return Team. So the Trust of those Data will be 100%.